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Lafarge, Richmond, BC
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Every home, every client, has different needs, desires, and requirements. At Allscapes we don't specialize in one type of building or landscape, or commit to one train of thought. We place equal value on residential, commercial, and industrial landscape designs. Even after 20 years in this industry, there are still lessons to be learned on each and every project. That's how we manage to make every creation unique and different.

7577 Curtis
Our most complicated landscape ever. Designed and built by Ward Beemer. Basalt columns were handpicked and sawn in Squamish to create the water features. That's red stained glass for accent with pearl glass fasteners. The rear feature pours through the front water feature in a continuous stream with a bridge for crossing. Not your typical entry landscape. We don't do typical !!!!

Burnaby Mountain
This back yard was split into two small fairly useless areas. We created a beautiful rock garden and stream in the elevated section. The original plan called for a pond but for safety reasons (small children) a lovely patio was built with the water supply for the supply for the gurglers and stream hidden beneath. The stream pours right into the patio!!! Regular lattice just wouldn't suffice hiding the concrete retaining wall so we used rough cedar. Talk about dramatic!!!! The night lighting is just incredible against that backdrop. Very bold statement yet incredibly calm and peaceful.

Crescent Rd.
This is a lovely country estate off Crescent Rd area in South Surrey. Large family gatherings necessitated this 1000sq. ft + patio. With such a natural background only long curving lines would work. Bold colours needed to be used in the planting areas because of the distance between the patio (viewing area) and the gardens. A work in progress we have been doing a little bit each year.

Winter Residence
What do you do with this little sloped area along the property line? By creating a beautiful dry stack basalt wall we have increased the planting area of the entire side. Hand selected accent boulders really set this apart from the average wall. Very few annual flowers are needed and the maintenance is limited. Mosses, perennials and evergreen ground covers provide year round interest.

Tiny yards both front and back. No direct sunlight in the front at all and limited sun in the back. There were lawns but why? Now our clients have a lovely viewing garden from their patio. The birds love the large stone birdbath we created for them.

Horseshoes Bay
The mission...create usable lawn area. Mission accomplished ! This was a monster wall. Careful consideration was taken in relation to the natural slope and green space of the surrounding landscape. The patio turned out absolutely wonderful also. Now the back yard is functional and low maintenance.

Burnaby South
This was a client picked up when we were asked to create a "Feature Garden" at the 2008 Home and Garden Show in Vancouver. An odd little space between townhouses. This is one of my favourites. Turned out to be a very functional landscape with ample room for entertaining.