Landscape Design:
As the owner of Allscapes I can honestly say that I put everything into the creation of a garden.  Careful attention is given to what my clients are seeking. Figure out what you are looking for and then let me do my job. Let me create something unique for your home. You get 20+ years of experience and a person who genuinely loves what they do. Size does not matter. Small gardens, large gardens, industrial areas, residential. Just look at our portfolio and you will see the beauty that can be achieved on any given piece of landscape.   

Landscape Installations:
We install most of our landscape designs. Its an important part of the creative process to get in there and get dirty. Every landscape is built to the highest of standards. Qualified sub trades are utilized where necessary. Allscapes carries both $2,500,000 in liability insurance (never used) and is “in good standing” with the Workers Compensation Board.

Digital Imaging :
Through the use of state of the art landscape digital imaging software Allscapes can offer clients the benefit of being able to photograph your home and then landscape it on the computer. Images can be emailed or printed up and then an on site meeting can be arranged to discuss the plans.

Stone Sculpture:
Allscapes is very excited to introduce Mr. Mitsuzo Yamada as an associate of our little family. Mr. Yamada is a world renowned stone carver and sculptor from Sakura, Japan. Though still residing in Japan Mitsuzo has shown an interest in bringing to Canada his exquisite stone carvings and garden architecture style. Mr. Yamada’s work has garnered world wide recognition and his works are displayed in the VIP room at Aichi Expo 2005 where the Imperial family visited during their official visit.

Initial consultation free. Please contact us.